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1Important Forum General Rules on Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:52 am

Verrell123 Admin


FreshArtz Rules

Posting Rules
• All information must be posted in English. Please avoid using SMS language.
• All posts must be constructive in nature. One word or one smiley posts are not accepted.
• Adult material, whether nudity or violence is not accepted.
• Discussion/sharing of illegal activity/content such as drugs or warez is not allowed.
• Spamming and double posting is not tolerated.
• All profile fields must be used wisely. They are not meant to promote your website.
• You may not post on behalf of a suspended or banned member.

Avatar & Signature
• Don't use any inappropriate and large size images in your avatar.
• You can't use your avatar filed to promote your website in any form.
• Normal members are not allowed to have signatures so please refrain from posting fake signatures in your posts.

Account Information
• All members may register one account and one account only.
• Only one person may use your account in the forums.
• Multiple accounts will be deleted by administrator without prior notice.

Possible sanctions
• Warning bars are simply a way so that staff and you can see how good your acting on this forum. If you have miss followed any rule your warning status will change colors (NOT GOOD)
• Ignoring the moderators warnings and continuing to not respect the rules and insulting people will result in a ban from this forum

• Below is a guide on the color of the bar so you know if your at a good status or a bad status
- You have no warnings
- You have 1 warning
- You have 2 warnings
- You have a serious warning
- You are banned

If you have any question about one of the forum rules, please PM a moderator to ask your question.

Exclamation Note: These rules may be modified/updated anytime, so we invite you to re-read them regularly.

We thank you for your comprehension and for respecting these rules.
FreshArtz Team

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