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1 Pet Stats on Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:43 pm

NvRDream Admin

Pet Stats:

Add on block give power, intelligence and health...
  • : POWER
    Power is the strength of your creature. The red block define its power level. If you feel your creature is mean, nasty and loves opening a large can of whipass than you should definitely invest points here

    Intelligence is the brain power of your beast. The blue block defines the smartness of your pet. If your pet is a wise guy, bookworm stack points here

    Hp is the life of your monster, defined by the green blocks. Its vital to increase your creatures HP levels every once or so ... just to make sure it can face up to more impact and damage.

Blocks are color coded defining the attribute they give:
RED is strength :
BLUE is intelligence :
GREEN is health :

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FreshArtz » Pet Centre »  » FAQ » Pet Stats

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